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Beige Linen headband


Wide natural linen headband. Perfect fits with any outfit and any occasion.

Wild flowers pins 2 pieces.


Naturaldyed silk flowers pins , 2 pieces. Lenght 7 cm.

Gardenias scent earrings


Pure white, delicate, silk satin gardenias earrings. 10 cm lenght. For romantic souls.Earrings hooks are made of silver and plated with gold. 

City life headband


Linen pleats headband for your daily look. Olive colour,  wide ( 7cm)  headband, perfect fits for any occasion. 

Desert rose headband


Upcycled camel leather headband for casual look. Feel stylish in everyday. 

Wild romance earrings


Light gold silk flowers  goes with pure white flowers. Impressive earrings helps express your true self. 15cm lenght. Earrings hooks are made of silver and plated with gold. 

Pure Gardenia cuffs


Romantic and modern cuffs makes any simple outfit look  impressive .  Linen cuffs with delicate silk flowers brooches. You can fasten silk flowers brooches in any cuffs place and style...

Everblooming Gardenia earrings ( long)


Impressive and chic, but very light silk gardenias earrings.  Made of silver wire covered with silk. It looks like twig with flowers. For modern, free and romantic brides. 15 cm...

Silky pleats headband


Silk satin pleats headband. This wide headband  will not go unnoticed. Perfect fits in daily life and special occasion. Wide 7cm.

Spring petals earrings


Light gold natural silk flowers earrings for romantic souls. They are light and delicate. Earrings hooks are made of silver and plated with gold.

Mustard flowers pin


Natural dyed silk flowers and  white beads pin. 10 cm  lenght.

Flowers waterfall headpiece


White, light gold satin silk  and natural leather flowers comb. For soft, delicate, romantic bride or look. Nickel free.

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