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 Majulahandmade is the Lithuanian brand of unique and nostalgic clothes and accessories. It was created to share the love of craftsmanship and handcrafts. Naturalness, vitality, authenticity and sustainability are the keywords to describe Majulahandmade . We offer our clothing line and accessories for women and girls, which we design, cut and sew in our atelier in Lithuania. Our priorities and main values are environmental consciousness, sustainability, quality and
social responsibility. Our sustainable styles are built around responsible fabric choises. Committed to using only natural fibres, such as linen, organic cotton and wool. We choose the highest quality linen fabrics from our native Lithuanian manufactures or deadstock fabrics. Our collections are full of comfortable , retro inspired silhouettes with exclusive attention to handcrafted details. We work with local artisans and seek that the warmth of handmade details make each piece the most enjoyable. We believe in timeless and uniques and don‘t follow any trends. Our main purpose is creating clothes to be loved and last long. MajulaHandmade accessories encourages you not to be afraid to experiment, combine looks which may look incompatible, do not copy and discover your true self - free, creative and stylish personality.