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All shades of pink pins


Attention to small details. Retro inspired plant dyed silk flowers, linen pleats creates retro inspired look.

True romance necklace


Raw linen necklace decorated with plant dyed silk flowers.  

Retro pink headband


Blush pink upcycled linen decorated with plant dyed silk flowers. Modern shabby chic linen textures for  a new generation romantic look.

Marigold pins


Linen pleats and plant dyed silk flowers.

Bohemian headband


New generation open-minded girls crown.  Upcycled linen shabby chic crown. All shades of green and blue.

Nostalgia pins


Plant dyed silk flowers and soft pastel linen. Attention to small details creates magical effect.

Peach pins


Retro inspired. Raw linen and soft pastel silk flowers pins. Two in set.

Modern lines necklace


This necklace is inspired by first child's drawings and arts. Upcycled linen decorated and embroidered  with linen threads for your modern and playful look.

Sunshine pins


Retro inspired pins creates romantic look.

Retro pastel headband


Upcycled linen decorated with linen treads and plant dyed silk flowers.  Natural pastel colours perfectly fits for every girl.

Nostalgia headband


Retro inspired rue romance for dreamers. Upcycled linen and decoration of plant dyed silk flowers create true romantic look.

Precious memories


Contrasting modern textures and classic design necklace. Upcycled linen and plant dyed silk flowers. Dreamlike accessory for every girl.

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