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Pink roses headpiece


Light pink, silver lace flowers and pistils

Bunch of flowers headpiece


Light peach, light blue, coffee brown polyester flowers headpiece with the ribbon on the back.

Princess pom poms headpiece


Gold, light cream polyester flowers, white, light coffee colours pom poms headpiece

Snowdrop headpiece


Gold, white, blue fabric flowers headpiece with ribbon on the back.

Lady in red headpiece


Red lace and bordo velvet flowers combination, small details.

Pastel bloom crown


Luxury silk and linen flower crown with the ribbon on the back. For modern, boho chic girls. Perfect looks on photoshoots.

Ocean blue flower crown


Luxury flower crown of silk petals with the ribbon.

Maroon headpiece


Gold, maroon, white lace flowers, velvet details.

Flower bouquet headpiece


Polyester white, pink, gold flowers headpiece with the ribbon on the back.

Blue sky crown


White, blue, light blue polyester flowers combination on pink ribbon.

Royal flowers headpiece


Gold, light purple, blue, bordo, light peach colours lace headband.

Simply pink headpiece


Gold, white, light pink polyester flowers headpiece.

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