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All shades of pink pins


Attention to small details. Retro inspired plant dyed silk flowers, linen pleats creates retro inspired look.

Light fields headband


Delicate, soft and light headband with the linen waist. The mix of silk, linen, lace creates boho chic look.

The breeze headband


Linen waist headband decorated with silk and leather flowers.

Fresh light pins


3 pins in set. Create you dreamy summer look. Linen with white silk flowers.

Retro pink headband


Blush pink upcycled linen decorated with plant dyed silk flowers. Modern shabby chic linen textures for  a new generation romantic look.

The sun rays headband


Headband for romantic souls.  Light pastel colors remind us of warm and happy summer days. Linen with natural dyed silk flowers. 

Pink roses headpiece


Light pink, silver lace flowers and pistils

In the village pins


Delicate romantic pins. 3 in set. Wear them in different ways and create your own look. Decorated with linen lace and silk flowers. 

Nostalgia pins


Plant dyed silk flowers and soft pastel linen. Attention to small details creates magical effect.

Bohemian headband


New generation open-minded girls crown.  Upcycled linen shabby chic crown. All shades of green and blue.

By the Sea headband


This headband made from natural linen. Fits perfect who loves minimal and pure design, natural materials. This headband looks good for any occasion and any age.

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