Beneath the sun rays

The collection is inspired by softness and lightness of the sun rays. Honouring the sun is about honouring life itself and about honouring our true, authentic nature.  Our  collection is full of  light pastel and warm colors and   remind us about careless summer days, when you can feel sun rays playing around our skin. Beneath the sun rays collection's style is a mix of couture and ready to wear. The combination of dresses and all accessories (collars, headbands, pins) creates relaxed, effortless and timeless style. All items can be worn in different combinations and create an unique retro inspired romantic look. We encourage and use native heritage craftsmanship. All dresses and accessories are handmade in Lithuania from Lithuanian linen. Our aim is to reveal linen  softness, tenderness and versatility.


I hope you enjoy our collection full of our love.

With love Laura.

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