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The messy rings necklace


Exclusive and modern design silk necklace with gold metal (nickel free) rings. Greenstone Nephrite. For your casual stylish look.

Black orchids headband


Silk flowers and leather petals headband for your exclusive look. Handcrafted, exclusive design. Limited edition.

Flowers symphony earrings


Earrings hooks are made of silver and plated with gold. White, light gold silk flowers details create exclusive and modern look.  Earrings are very light. So you can enjoy your...

Feather's waves necklace


Leather necklace decorated with silk petals and fearhers. 

Femme Fatale headband


Black satin silk flowers , and leather headband allows you to stand out in a crowd.

Goldy headband


Hand painted silk headband. Limited edition.

Flow black headpiece


Black luxury satin silk flowers comb. For your luxury look.

Rosy feather's headpiece


White and powder rose luxury silk satin and feathers hairpin. For brave, modern bride. Soft, light, exclusive design, can be weared as brooch. Limited edition.

Soft pleasure necklace


Pure, soft, delicate big silk flower on the velvet ribbon. For special woman for special occasion. You can order different colours. 

Justine headband


Leather and silk combination. Simple and luxury at the same time. Perfect fits for any occasion

Sakura's life


Delicate design natural leather flowers crown.

Soft touch headband


Delicate, soft, light, minimal design headband. Perfect fits for girls and women.

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