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All shades of pink pins


Attention to small details. Retro inspired plant dyed silk flowers, linen pleats creates retro inspired look.

True romance necklace


Raw linen necklace decorated with plant dyed silk flowers.  

Senna dress


Romantic dress to make your summer day special. *long midi dress *cap sleeves decorated with linen lace *frills on the sides of the dress *colar decotared with linen lace *two...

Pretty rose headband


Retro inspired headband  to feel unique and romantic.  Checkered woven linen,  delicate embroidery and silk flowers.

Elidi dress


Loose design of the dress makes feel free and relaxed. Handcrafted with linen flowers and it gives the dress a glamour. Dress is made of 100% softened Lithuanian linen, medium weight...

Roya blouse


Natural, delicate blouse to feel free for summer days.  Wide sleeves are decorated with hand croched linen flowers, delicate woven pattern, very soft, natural colour linen fabric. Ruffles on the...

Rosy Deisy dress


 The dress silhoutte is retro inspired. Raw hem ruffles along the front of the dress give the dress its uniqueness and the touch of modern couture. Wide sleeves are made...

Godusa dress


Extremely soft and light, 100% linen dress is perfect for warm summer days. The pattern of fabric is wovwn in a special technique. Delicate and bright  colours mix fits for...

Akiko striped shirt


Retro inspired shirt, to brighter your day. * wide sleeves *revere collar decorated with linen lace *tied in front *lace detail on the back 100% linen

Ziva dress


Modern retro romantic dress for a special occasion and everyday. *midi dress *decorated with neutral linen lace *frills on the skirt *binding in the back *buttons fasteners in front of...

Tender love collar


Subtle romantic collar , pure white, decorated with hand croched linen flowers. It makes any dress or blouse special. 

Sapana floral dress


Mini dress with the fringes on the bottom, decorated crochet flowers, frill on the neck. 50% linen 50% cotton

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